Pan is a result of a collaboration between Gridy and Corinor, Norways largest supplier of custom interior components in Corian and solid wood. Corinor is mainly using CNC-milling machines in their production which creates a lot of leftover materials. The CNC production and these leftover materials where our framework for this project.

With inspiration from pots and pans, we developed a deep wooden serving platter with a handle to serve food. It can also be used as a bread basket or fruit bowl. PAN has a base in solid wood and a cutting board in Corian. Wood and Corian have different qualities, and together they create a nice material contrast.

Since PAN is made of 100% leftover materials, there can be a variation in color combinations in each product.

Pan was part of the exhibition 100 Serie at Is It So Collective 8-15 May in Oslo.

Pan_1_gridyPan_2_gridy Pan_3_gridy